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Tales of Chance the Mage draws its format from the movie serials from America, - from the middle of the 1900's especially.

The Tales are a 'Fantasy Soap Opera' - 'ripping' adventure, battle, love, and peril - with 'astounding' images. And the story is episodic.

From Wiki:
"Also known as 'chapter plays,' they were extended motion pictures broken into a number of segments called 'chapters' or 'episodes.'

Each chapter would be screened at the same theater for one week. The episode would end with a cliffhanger in which the hero and heroine would find themselves in a perilous situation from which there apparently could be no escape.

Viewers would have to return in subsequent weeks to see the cliffhangers resolved and to follow the continuing story.

Serials were especially popular with children, and for many youths in the first half of the 20th century a typical Saturday at the movies included a chapter of at least one serial, along with animated cartoons, newsreels, and two feature films."

To view a collection of various Serial Flyers from the 'golden era,' click here.

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Introduction to the Tales

Current Serial and Episode

Book 11 - Foretold Mage
Episode 91 - Misdan

Sneak Preview:
Episode 92 - Short Ways

The Cast - by Serial - Prologue,
1- Rogue,  2- Stone,  3- Gold,  4- Wars,
5- Kingdoms,  6- Laat,  7- Quest,  8- Time,
9- Dark,  10- Loose

The Cast - Second Pilgrimage
The Seven

> Cairn House region
> Maps of Chance's World
> Misdan's Five Spells
> The Hermit and Nessum
> Chance's Family,

Temples of the Four Faces
Linnet - Two Steps - Abalos - Craighead

Slep Dreaming Places

Lack - Power - Significance - Separation

Tales for Children
by Dandon the Push
Endstone Both Hands School

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